Winds of Tragedy – Hating Life (Splendid Chilean Blackened Doom Metal)


I really wasn’t expecting anything from this one. Winds of Tragedy? Album titled Hating Life? Get over yourself son. That’s all I could think. You see that doom thing and words like that, with sadgurl on the cover, and you’re ready to puke (not in a good way). Yep, here we go with this… Now I feel bad I even said that, because even with low expectations I was blown tf away. This is textbook blackened doom, and by textbook I mean this is the book that should be written about it. So listen.


Please forgive me, everyone involved in this album, because I’ve never been so wrong about first impressions. The production here is above standard; extremely crisp and fluid, your mind attaches to every moment with listless ease. Care not about your deep-seated loathing of the self, for there is no work involved here in linking with more pain. Winds of Tragedy creates a vast landscape of sound like the best of funeral doom wishes it could accomplish, but with the blackened element, which incorporates moments of medium-pace rush and symphonics that connect with the riffs, it reaches the outsider level, as in outside of the norm. For music like this to work it has to feel, yet it cannot seem meek. Hating Life is exactly this. It’s true to its title yet instead of joining it in suffering not worth an ounce of pity you join it in utter hatred worth the world’s desire for revenge on humanity’s follies. Splendid, beautiful, and in the most poetically somber of ways.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Winds of Tragedy – Hating Life
Tragedy Productions
Cover Art: Tatiana Lebedeva
4.8 / 5