Depravation – IV:LETVM (Such a Good German Blackened Crust)


Yesssssss. Gimmie some of that blackened crust yo. This might be a first actually… A first in the sense of this site reviewing such a band, and a first in the sense of such a band being such a good. It might seem like an easy formula since crust is close to death metal in a number of ways, but combining that rotten punk edge with black metal presence is actually super difficult. Trust me because Germany’s Depravation is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a band such as this, with their latest full-length IV:LETVM.


So you know what to expect. Crust punk and black metal, got it? Okay good. But this is such a good one. Where Depravation get it right is they lean more towards blackened for the atmosphere, but leave the crush to the crust. IV:LETVM can, at times, dip too far into one or the other genre, but when it keeps itself together, typically at the reins of the raging vocals, it’s molten steel poured into a single form rather than pieces welded shut. The vibrant riffing lends a clarity to their style, as well, which should keep the punx happy. And the blackened part? Well, it will engulf a few churches, let us just say. It’s time for the corpse paint to trade hands with the chokers. You all wear battle jackets, just swap some patches and realize you’re all in the same pit, get it?


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Depravation – IV:LETVM
Lifeforce Records
Cover Art: Alvar Baptist
4.1 / 5