Lost Faith (Christian Vigilante Murder Revenge Action Film)


Sometimes you have to go with God to find enlightenment, and at those times expect bursts of genuine lunacy at all times. This is the grasp on the Christian faith as espoused by Joel Wynkoop, who kicks much ass as would-be man-of-action “Steve Nekoda” in the 1992 video violator Lost Faith. Steve and his impossibly beautiful German supermodel wife are in between modeling gigs when they both part ways to cruise the beach and rent Tim Ritter (!) videos at the store. Unbeknownst to Steve, some very bad dudes have eyes on his wife and snatch her up Ted Bundy style. Heartbroken to the max, our man Nekoda also loses his faith in God, which makes zero sense, but we’re not in the real world here. This movie is absolutely psychotic, folks. We’re talking a religious film made by perverts, a martial arts movie featuring people who have no skill or training whatsoever and a guy so in love with his wife that he tries to pick up a 13 year-old girl at a gas station. I’m telling you, this thing is bonkers! By the end, you don’t know or care what happens to anybody involved with the central story because they’re all a part of this strange cosmic slop that this film is peddling.


The only thing worth mentioning about this release of a middling early-90’s SOV flick is that upstart indie label Saturn’s Core (a division of the mighty Vinegar Syndrome) have pulled out every single stop for this release. It is literally jam-packed with extra features that will take you all day to surf through. Will they give you any insight into what was going on in the headspace of all involved? No. On the other hand, you can tell that the responsible parties were at least just having fun. Saturn’s Core have been doing amazing work ever since they put out Charles Pinion’s awe-inspiring Red Spirit Lake. Lost Faith continues the upward trend. Rock on, dudes! As for the score of this film, what do I rate it??!! Is this a perfect film by any means? No fuckin way. However, in terms of the wacky, near-hallucinatory brain wash this film gave me I’m giving it a perfect to be nice and encourage others to experience it on their own. Sue me.


Written by David, Comptroller of Your Last Scrap of Existence

Lost Faith (2023, Blu-ray)
Joel Wynkoop
5 / 5