Steelrising (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity with Killer Robots Action RPG)


Man has this game been ratted on, phew! The number of mixed reviews recently have been leaning towards the negative, and why? After playing it for a substantial amount of time, I was rather confused by some of what I read, though I can state with certainty that the issue of enough PC power to properly run it is definitely to be noted if not trying on console. However, I cloud game through GeForce Now so doesn’t matter to me lol. Does it need the most beast PC hardware? No, and there are ways around it, and you should probably find those ways because Steelrising takes that third-person slay style and puts it in the French Revolution whatttttt? This is one you play for the theme yo.


If you’ve seen games like this you know what to expect. You will be killing things, in this case automatons created by King Louis XVI to quell rebellion in an alternate French Revolution Paris. Unfortunately, his metal army has gone insane and you, as a mysterious automaton named Aegis, set out to save France from killer robots. As one would expect, Steelrising introduces the player slowly to game mechanics, building on skills as you progress. The customizability of Aegis is of particular note from the automaton’s design to tailoring your build to a favored style of play; perhaps swiftness, power, whatever you fancy. And there is, also of course, a story built around this alternate history that slowly unfolds. If there’s any complaint, other than hardware issues, it’s that Steelrising is mainly about the theme and not the play. There are plenty of mechanics here you’ve seen before, and they work seamlessly, but nothing that is notably fresh. Further, the difficulty curve has been understandably off-putting to many. The first boss, for example, will absolutely wreck even an experienced player, yet other bosses are surprisingly easy and various obstacles to exploit for an easy battle change the balance considerably when it doesn’t need it. Most of play involves bait-and-attack tactics to test a target’s movements and then smash. Still, it provides an interesting concept so does it really matter if the play is something you’ve seen before? It’s not broke, so no fix is needed. Just enjoy the story and stomp some bots duh?


Streelrising Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Spiders (developer), Nacon (publisher)
4.3 / 5