Infinity Pool (Murder Tourist Sci-Fi Horror Film)


Sometimes the fruit don’t fall far from the tree. After suffering through the career of Jennifer Chambers Lynch, it’s a high surprise that David Cronenberg’s son Brandon has arrived on the scene in such a rare talent, fully born and ready to kick ass. Possessor was loads of fun and very tough, but Infinity Pool kicks the doors off the motherfucker with rare intensity and verve. It’s only February and we’re already seeing good movies at the theater again. Most critics have divulged more plot than necessary in their reviews. This is honestly a film best taken in completely by surprise. Nothing I can tell you about the plot will get you prepared for what you’re about to experience. Let’s just say that the noveau riche get more than they expect and exactly what they deserve. This is scabrous, broken bottle to the face satire of the highest order and a sensory experience unparalleled. I’m going to need to see it again just to process it.


Mia Goth has already proven herself to be this generation’s Barbara Steele. Here, in Infinity Pool, she outdoes herself with a performance run on nitroglycerin. This is an auteur project all the way, and a film of this nature rises and falls on the talent of its creator. Brandon Cronenberg weaves a web of mystery and hysteria that aims for the stars and manages to nail every single target. In closing, you’re damn straight this is a must see. Believe the hype and please don’t wait for the uncensored version just because you heard it has ejaculation scenes in it. This is pure raw horror, the butcher’s pride cut straight from the source. See it now.


Written by David, Comptroller of Your Last Scrap of Existence

Infinity Pool (2023)
Brandon Cronenberg
5 / 5