Ulthar – Anthronomicon (Abomination Metal)


Ulthar can do no wrong at this point, pretty sure about that. When we last encountered them I was thrilled by the music, but disgusted at the thematics, which were, ugh, Lovecraft BS; a theme far too many metal bands have milked dry until only blood remains, and you don’t even want any of it because it’s not even cool like that. Now, this time around, they’ve either forgone that approach or hidden so well within Anthronomicon that I can’t figure it out without sufficient research, which no one wants to do. So we’ll just assume it’s not there and be very happy about it, okay?


Ulthar have consistently proven they can play a bit of every type of metal conceivable, forging a single, jagged stabbing weapon from it. I said this the last time, but see that art by Ian Miller (yes that guy)? That’s exactly what this sounds like. Though there’s a tad more atmosphere now, Ulthar are true to their form once again, and you’ll love every second of it. If there’s a simple way to explain beyond the visuals of the cover, it’s this: grotesque. I’ve used that word as a joke quite a bit, but here I really mean it. The musical progression is an absolute abomination, warped in all sense of the term. But even without relying on any expectations, or rather seeing them torn down in front of you, Anthronomicon will never make you feel like you don’t “get it.” This is actually a companion piece with Hellonomicon, with a diptych connected via both covers and released at the same time, but its two lengthy tracks were not as pleasurable as this one, so I’ll leave the judgements for your own ears. Enjoyable, sure, but not to this extent.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Ulthar – Anthronomicon
20 Buck Spin
4.7 / 5