Astriferous – Pulsations from the Black Orb (Existential Death Metal)


It’s a sad day when I realize that this is only the second band from Costa Rica I’ve ever reviewed. Why sad? I just think it is, okay? Isn’t that enough? So Astriferous can be proud they’ve achieved the honor of second band from their home country on this very site. I mean that means something to someone, I’m sure. With themes of cosmic devastation, Pulsations from the Black Orb is their first full-length and man does it hit the brain matter hard.


This album makes me question reality. It’s funny, too, because it’s not because Astriferous bend expectations or stray far from death metal general, in fact there’s a fine selection for pretty much every type in here; crisp, sepulchral bass, acoustic moments of folk doldrums, crunchy riffs, and that sweet, echoing depth that only the best of vocalists can conjure. Pulsations from the Black Orb has a sound that puts one’s thoughts into a state of searching for meaning. It’s like a subjective gasp for purpose in life that’s a completely subjective experience. Anyone listening is going to have their own perception of what it means, which is why you should definitely listen to it as it twists around your thoughts, pulls them forth, and devours them whole.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Astriferous – Pulsations from the Black Orb
Me Saco un Ojo Records, Pulverised Records, Seed of Doom Records
Cover Art: Jason Barnett
4.5 / 5