Psychic Teenage Bloodbath (LGBTQ Psychic Gore Revenge)


The title of this book describes exactly what you get. You can’t say you weren’t warned, this time! The story revolves around a girl named Susan, who’s in a coma and uses supernatural powers such as telekinesis and mind control in her destroying of humans. All of the homophobic bullies who put her in the hospital, and who tormented her and girlfriend, Charlie, are now targets and no one is safe. This plotline is a fantastic revenge story, that takes it to a whole new level and in the end flips itself upside down. The story is complex where it needs to be, and the character development and romantic interaction is balanced alongside. It’s a unique story and even on it’s own would’ve been great, the gore just takes it to a whole new level.


The elevator pinged, and Lynette and Charlie turned to face the doors. They opened, revealing two male orderlies and a patient on a gurney. The patient, a young man, was naked, his crotch a mangled atrocity, his penis half-sticking out of the mouth of the first orderly as he chewed savagely. The other orderly’s scrubs and underpants were at his ankles, and he masturbated violently as his counterpart crunched down on the severed cock. “Help me!” he screamed as he ejaculated, blood-flecked semen spurting from the tip of his dick. “Uh, we’ll get the next one,” said Charlie, backing away.


A great scene that highlights this, and the humor, is when bully Michelle thinks she has a case of bad school food, but it turns out to be a great show of Susan’s power, wielded from her hospital bed. Michelle’s intestinal tract is essentially shat out of her body. The cinematic style of writing really compliments the descriptive bloody scenes that are in the book. By the time you’re in the last fifty pages, everyone is dying (not a spoiler) and every death has its own creative description. All of them are highly violent, but I think what makes it a true horror is that no one is spared, anyone in the way just dies. This is just another great example of Carl John Lee’s writing; it’s always so visual and I never lack understanding on how the scene would actually look, as everything is described just the right amount. A murderous, mind-bending lesbian and a love story? The best kind of LGBTQ+ story you could ask for!


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Written by Arianne, Sovereign Deity of the Damned

Psychic Teenage Bloodbath (2022)
Carl John Lee
5 / 5