Sepulcrum – Lamentation of Immolated Souls (Spasmodic Death Metal)


You know, I was just talking to someone the other day about how Chilean metal has been blasting away for at least a decade now and keeps getting better! Seriously type in ‘Chile’ in the search bar on this site, hit that Enter button, and look at how much goodness we’ve covered over the past three years. Considering the curator system we use, it’s impressive to have two reviews from a smaller country, let alone like twenty wtfffff. So here’s yet another Chilean chunk of the spasmodic kind, Sepulcrum!


Nice to see some youngins hitting it spasmodically. Most of Sepulcrum is in the 20s, dang, like I could be their daddy and stuff, but today I’m going to be their daddy in a caring, loving way, because Lamentation of Immolated Souls deserves your attention. Sepulcrum kill and then summon the ghosts they create. The riffs are delivered with shocking clarity, and dang, those solos. I mean talk about spasmodic rip! Fingers sweeping all over the fretboard, yet never in err, shrieking harmonics with just the right amount of effects, echoing hate vocals, how old are these guys really? Because there’s definitely an old school feel to this, yet crafted by fresh hands. And it’s only their first full-length? Wtffffffffffffffffff.


Sepulcrum Official Instragram

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Sepulcrum – Lamentation of Immolated Souls
Chaos Records
Cover Art: Morkt Artist (Francisco Ramírez)
4.5 / 5