Bastard Grave – Vortex of Disgust (Brackish Swedish Death Metal)


This is the kind of album I’m going to refer to from now on as a “sinker.” It needed to sink on in there before I liked it, because to be honest, at first, it sounded like a million other promos I get every week. Okay so it’s only about 500, but still. That’s a lot! Another Swedeath band, I thought, jeeeeez. But, I left it on loop. I did this, I did that, and damn it if Vortex of Disgust didn’t give me goosebumps after awhile! It’s one of those spins that never sounds like it ended. Plus, it’s nice and dirty.


Bastard Grave sink because they play the perfect angle. There are currently but two options to achieve success if coming from Sweden and playing the death metal, one being the experimental side, the other being the crusty. This is the latter. Vortex of Disgust has an atmospheric groove to it that distinguishes it from the band’s earlier work, which was more muddled and foggy. Though you can still expect the same brackish quality, there’s a dense power behind it this time, even in the vocals. It just sounds like they all got together, ate a ton of raw meat, and then punched each other in the face before recording. Perfect.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Bastard Grave – Vortex of Disgust
Pulverised Records
Cover Art: Thomas Westphal (Necromaniac)
4.5 / 5