Genocidal Rites – Exsanguination of the Gods (Barbaric Blackened Death Metal)


Any time you see art by Berkati Cakra, you know you’re in for a slammer. And this may be one of the most over-the-top images I’ve seen him craft. Here’s it fits the music so well it might be his best, and trust you me he’s done a lot of blasphemous necroworship. Just look at this new one above! We’ve got Satan with the bandoleer, like usual, a Sub Zero decapitation with a bit of dripping spine, also somewhat usual, but then force-feeding the upside-down cross to an oblivious dainty while she’s straightjacketed, or something, to an upside-down cross? I mean talk about necessary overkill!


Genocidal Rites is all about that overkill and they do it in only three tracks dang! Exsanguination of the Gods may be but an EP, but it is also but an awesome release. It’s bestial, outright barbaric! Crafted by extinct beasts best left dead! The music is delivered in a prehistoric fashion; raw and recorded within a yawning chasm. The vocals are so inhuman they’re barely perceivable as human, the drums are like an avalanche, and the riffing sounds like two planets colliding. Put that all into an upside-down cross and shove it into some unsuspecting dainty’s throat (as per the cover art), and you get this EP.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Genocidal Rites – Exsanguination of the Gods
Hells Headbangerss
Cover Art: Berkati Cakra
4.8 / 5