ÚATH – S/T (Atmospheric Haunted Folk Drone)


Haven’t gotten a release like this in awhile. Actually, let’s change that to “a good release.” Folk of the dark variety can be an easy sell, at times, but it’s deceptive. Too folk and it lends itself a childish, “spooky” atmosphere that sounds more like background music during a Ravenloft sesh with only the Dungeonmaster present. And it kills me to use another D&D analogy to make a point. Luckily, ÚATH takes a more clever approach and combines dark folk with drone in a way that we can completely forget about that pathetic attempt at journalism. But can they do it?


The problem is drone and folk are two different styles entirely. I mean, yes, obviously, but really think about it for a second. The former relies on long, drawn-out expanses of distorted chording, whereas the latter is softer and tranquil, rooting itself in native traditions and sounds from an entirely different cultural aesthetic. So how can two opposites of this type combine? If there’s skill, plain and simple. ÚATH is a combination of two seasoned artists: Irish ambient/dronesmith Ruairi O’Baoighill, and haunted folksmith Grey Malkin, of deceased band The Hare and the Moon. Combined, these two create the perfect sound, with ghostly vocals in a dreary haze and lighter folk touches that ring out of the dense murk like the next wicker man sacrifice. Eerie, yet familiar, the most haunting of melodies are the ones that sound close, yet distant.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

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4.5 / 5