Cocaine Bear (Drug Addicted Nature Horror Comedy)


Where did Elizabeth Banks come from? After the loathsome reattempt at a Charlie’s Angels revamp, Banks has apparently channeled her inner mad lad and gone plumb nuts with the absolutely savage Cocaine Bear. Is this thing stupid and needlessly gory? You better believe it. It’s also more fun than you’d imagine. This is Raising Arizona meets Street Trash and it just plain rules. The plot is like a KISS song; real simple and stupid, yet effective. A soft-rockin’ redneck jettisons kilos of cocaine over the Blood Mountain region of Georgia. The blow is discovered and accidentally ingested by a black bear, who then does what bears on cocaine naturally do. Yes, this is the plot. It gets no better than this.


Don’t walk in expecting Snakes on a Plane because this actually packs a sleazy punch closer to the level of The Wild Beasts. Notable as Ray Liotta’s last film, this brings out the great man’s talent for extremely subtle comedy. Keri Russell (yes, her) is also extremely notable. Look, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but we are going to have fun with a capital F. If you can handle it, prepare to enjoy yourself. This has gore, laughs, and even the bear is somewhat loveable. Just remember, don’t run.


Written by David, Comptroller of Your Last Scrap of Existence

Cocaine Bear (2023)
Elizabeth Banks
4.2 / 5