Hot Graves – Plaguewielder (Blackened D-Beat Thrash Crust Wow)


Here’s an album I listen to one track of and I’m like “yep, this is good.” It’s one of those you know is straight up old-fashioned good and there’s no need to delve. Plus, Hot Graves has been at it quite awhile so shit better be good at this point! As usual, per our standards, I glance at the art first. Good. Then I give it a cursory listen. Also good. Enough that I probably didn’t need to listen to anymore, but you know, that wouldn’t be a good idea. Plaguewielder proved me wrong, I really didn’t need to listen any further. Shit’s good from the second you start it. Below’s the opening track so see for yourself.


They got one of those “hmm” band names though. Are the graves hot due to temperature fluctuations, or are they hot due to hormone fluctuations? Dudes, seriously, what are you talking about? Oh well, easy to ignore, when they obviously put more thought into the music. And what a conglomeration this is! I mean we got d-beat, we got death thrash, we got blackened whatever the fuck, and we got crust? Practically its own genre. Plaguewielder is a mastery of all that stuff without the senseless scene worship. Anyone could dig it, it’s like the ultimate everybeing release. And with Charles Rouse on that cover? Pfff, easy win.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Hot Graves – Plaguewielder
Gurgling Gore
Cover Art: Charles Rouse
5 / 5