Putrid Yell – Consuming Aberration (Chilean Crusted Death Metal)


Here’s some tasty pain and murder. I had a bunch of “eh, maybe” reviews to consider for this week, and then I thought to myself why? Just focus on the best, come on now! It’s good to be ahead anyway, and this one comes out in like three weeks or so. And another Chilean powerhouse? Man WTF’s going on down there?! I think I’ve had like 5 solid Chilean bands in the past two months alone. It’s amazing, or it’s becoming a real center for metal down there these days. Anyway, here’s another one to stomach, vomit up, and then reconsume.


I believe this is the first time I’ve heard Putrid Yell, but I’ll pretend like it wasn’t. Going strong for over a decade, this is, from a quick listen of their other work, the best to date. The production is a super huge reason for this, with thick, yet clear riffing and bass action ground up with a rusted, worn chainsaw. The vocals, further, have moved away from incessant echoing effects and are completely self-sufficient even though they’re delivered in a consistent way. Prior releases they were almost shy of themselves, but here, it’s all out and vicious. Another nicety of Consuming Aberration is its distance effect. The first week I listened through it several times, and it not only never bored, it always felt fresh, an amazing effect these days, and a true mark of musicianship. So stoke your disgust and get your friends to hate you again with some Chilean crusted death metal.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Putrid Yell – Consuming Aberration
Purlverised Records
Cover Art: Putrid (Putrid Gore Art, Putrid Matt)
4.8 / 5