Rotpit – Let There Be Rot (Flippant Rotted Death Metal)


This is such a lovable type of band. When someone doesn’t give a shit and so clearly wallows in simplicity for the sake of it, I just have to hand out a hug. A deep embrace just to say “thank you, thank you for keeping it stupid.” It’s even more important here, because these guys have been around a long time in a huge list of other bands, so combining those German and Swedish death metal sensibilities into something a bit more, let us say, flippant, was a welcome approach. Sound dumb? It is, and you’ll absolutely love it. Get ready to focus so much on rot it will get redundant, and then cool again!


Let There Be Rot is obsessed with, well, rot. Every song is tongue-in-cheek down to the music itself, which is a dragging, festering kind of death metal with a bit of that flippancy we need now and then. The riffs are easy to grasp and stick like oozing, well, rot, and the vocals choke on some rotting shit or something. With song titles like “Beastfeaster,” “Rotteness,” and “Shitburner” there isn’t an ounce of doubt about what this is. Yet, you’re cooler than cool for listening to it. There is a strong, and keen command here of both the simplicity in style and the thematic approach, which elevates it surprisingly well. Plus, it’s one of those albums you can repeat endlessly and never tire of. Just a simple, shitty (in a good way) pile of rot.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Rotpit – Let There Be Rot
War Anthem Records
Cover Art: Toni Hietomaa
4.6 / 5