Cave Moth – Paralytic Love (Post-Mathcore Grind Recorded in a DIY Gutter Venue Probably)


Only among the intense humidity of swamp water in the theme park wastes of Florida could something of this nature be crafted. Will it, oh will it, be good? Hey, it’s tagged, among other things, as “diy” on Bandcamp, so the easy answer is yes? Cave Moth, aside from their questionable name, create some real treats on their latest, Paralytic Love, swirling around without making a mess of things. So let’s get fuzzy, dizzy, and let the neo noise grind of this absurd aberration permeate our being.


For how fast this comes and goes, much like the COVID pandemic that birthed it according to the band, Cave Moth maintain a surprising amount of length. On leg day as I built up to 425×1 squat (yes thank you), I probably listened to this in its entirety 10 times. It wasn’t that it sounded new, as sometimes occurs with special albums you stick on repeat, it’s that it sounded memorable, this is in spite of the fact that it’s extremely short. Part of its success it the aesthetic, which calls forth images of smelly basement shows in abandoned hovels where you can still get high off of Xeroxed zines (and it was probably recorded there too). With its surprising jumps in speed, vocals stretching from angst yells to grumbling roars, and chords that go all shriek after a span of intense grind it’s almost confusing, yet trauma bonds you into full attention. Just the kind of pastiche I needed for the week so thanks.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Cave Moth – Paralytic Love
Cover Art: J.Wav
4.3 / 5