Ibliss – (((Unholy))) (Malaysian Demonic Stoner Metal)


I usually don’t do reiussues, but seeing as how this is getting a proper format in preparation for a new full-length, not to mention the first band we’ll be reviewing from out of Malaysia, I figured eh, why not? Stoner metal is often a tough sell though, regardless of origin, because, much like a plain-old stoner, it keeps doing the same old shit. Never developing, just toking the same riffs as last year and growing increasingly stupid in the process. But taking a so-called demonic angle with it and featuring creep girls all over the art instead of witches or weed? Okay, let’s just see what you got with this (((Unholy))).


This EP is a precursor to a new full-length courtesy of Helter Skelter Productions. Technically it was already released over a year ago, but now it’s seeing a limited vinyl drop via the same label. Consisting of only two tracks, the first largely a long intro, (((Unholy))) will sound familiar, yet definitely powerful. The riffs are heavily drenched in bong sweat, making them instantly relatable. Most times smaller countries lead to smaller bands with smaller minds and an even smaller grasp of traditional material, but Ibliss do well with the genre. What exactly makes it demonic, however? It’s primarily the vocals, when they do appear. Delivered with echo and as angry as a possessed mother thinking of divorce, they provide a sick edge to the sound that is, unfortunately, almost nonexistent for the majority of this EP. Stoner metal can tend to dwell when the riff toking hits, but man when those vocals call out we got a different story, though you’ll only get them sparingly. Hopefully that particular feature will become more evident in the next full-length, but for now this reissue should serve as an introduction to Ibliss and their sound, which has a ways to go before truly differentiating from the rest of the stoner crowd. They can do it well, and there’s character here, but we need more of it for it to truly blast.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Ibliss – (((Unholy)))
Helter Skelter Productions
Cover Art: Band
4 / 5