Impending Triumph – S/T (Traditionally Defined Heavy Metal)


This one is completely emphatic about itself. Everything speaks of old school, epic, fantasy heavy metal. Just look at it! A logo forged from blades with a bastard sword in it, some barbarian warrior with a huge sword featuring more lugs than necessary, muscles in places they don’t exist, skulls of fallen enemies, fire, vultures in the distance waiting to pick at charred flesh, this is heavy metal. Conceived as a project specifically heavy to the f metal, and in the vein of countless other acts we need not mention, Impending Triumph is pure in form, yet modern in production. Complaints? Really just one.


This S/T succeeds primarily in its vast sound. The vocals echo as though over a battlefield, the choral effects make the riffs sound like they’re belting from a cathedral organ, the themes cover the gamut of fantasy combat, the solos ring out like a lusting Valkyrie, you get it right? Impending Triumph aren’t here to do anything revolutionary, they’re here to just do it. Showing complete command of the genre, perhaps the only complaint you’re going to have is the shortness; running at only over 20 minutes, it’s a great start, but you’re going to want more. Whether it goes beyond side-project or whether we’re stuck with EPs, it’s up to them. There’s definitely greatness here, but of course do we need yet another solid heavy metal act? Debatable, but these guys definitely satisfy for what they present.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Impending Triumph – S/T
Jawbreaker Records
Cover Art: Sébastien Grenier
4.1 / 5