Undead – Putrefactio (Nu-Death Metal, Actually Not Just Kidding)


This is a good example of a band that takes itself way too seriously in group photos, but once you listen to it you say “damn it to hell if you don’t deserve to act that way.” Light corpse paint, scary faces, grim stares, leaning (gasp) towards nu-metal aesthetic, I mean come on! Should we call this nu-death metal? I’d like to because I like to complain, but unfortunately they cover their sound so well you have to let all that go. I guess I should admit I own a shirt from this quartet as well… Okay so I like them, shut up.


I’ve caught the occasional snubs, the references to other bands, but let’s let Undead exist as they are. So what do we have in Putrefactio? Clear production, d-beat styled drums, grotesque, distorted effects on both the guitars and the bass, and horror-themed, clever hooks on every track that mark clear differences between all ten presented in this full-length. Excuse me, did you need something more lol? Undead’s style pounds into the head with lasting impression, and for this type of death metal it’s quite difficult to stand apart from the crowd in the first place. As they’ve shown before, this crew can and will do it again.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Undead – Putrefactio
Redefining Darkness Records
Cover Art: Misanthropic-Art (Chris Kiesling)
4.3 / 5