Battle Born – Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel (Fantasy Power Metal of the Fantastical Kind)


It seems I only review power metal when the band has like a quadshmillion fans. I try not to, and I’m probably wrong, but maybe it’s true. Well, whatever, though I prefer bands with lower exposure there’s a reason a fan count gets that high, and it’s not vapidity. Sometimes fans are just correct. Blood Born is a clear case of that phenomenon. Considering the fanbase they have after only about 4-5 years of activity, it’s not just impressive, it’s a goddamn revolution! Epic, fantastical, and musically inclined, Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel is a genre landmark, or at least I think so.


Usually when I discuss power metal I pull out the AD&D (1st and 2nd ed. of course) references, but Battle Born is beyond that analogy. This is like Avalon Hill’s “Magic Realm” (and you actually know how to play it), or running the greatest guild in MMO history, or, even better yet, all the original Green Ranger episodes lumped into one experience. You think that’s a joke and I’m ripping on this? Think again. All that energy, that excitement, that holy shit this rules moment, this is exactly what this is about. Battle Born possess, first off, the musicianship necessary to bring the glory. The production is extremely clean with bright, flowing chords, keyboards fluttering without being overpowering, absolutely epic solos without computer treachery, and, of course, a commanding lead that casts perfect ability rolls the first time through. This is all 18s folks, or at least in charisma. Damn I did it again with the D&D. Okay but still. Typically the fantasy themes common to power metal wear the listener down with their stereotypes swimming in cheese, but not here. Here, folks, fantasy is the only way.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Battle Born – Blood, Fire, Magic and Steel
Prosthetic Records
Cover Art: Stan-W Decker (Stanislas W. Decker)
4.6 / 5