Thanatomass – Hades (Profane Blackened Death Metal)


Man, don’t think I’ve heard anything this good out of Russia in awhile. Can I say that? Let me check. Yep, been two whole years, actually slightly over. This is so good goddamn it if I didn’t think it came out of Chile. But, nope, definitely Russia. Considering the fact that they apparently have been around an unknown amount of time, but at least since 2018, Thanatomass have an incredible career ahead of them if Hades is any evidence of the fact.


The band’s first full-length, Hades is absolutely, if we were to condense it to a single word, profane. It completely disrespects what’s come before and probably after. The vocals overpower with intense depth and echo while the rest of the music is like a wall of chaos coming from a goddamn earthquake. It’s amazing you can even hear anything in it, but you certainly can. No artificial elements are to be found, either, it’s pure vulgarity, tearing asunder black and death metal at the same time. It’s so overwhelming you can scare practically anyone with it.


Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Thanatomass – Hades
Living Temple Records
Cover Art: Teitan Arts (Dávid Glomba)
4.8 / 5