Vomitheist – NekroFvneral (Morbid Vomit Metal)


Man once that sick bass hits there’s not much else to say. “This is going to be great” would suffice. Obsessed with all things morbid, Switzerland’s Vomitheist have some of the greatest song titles and shirt designs I’ve ever seen. Everything about them is like a pile of guts. Just a big mess of blood, bile, veins, and whatever else is in there, retched out the throat. Sampling any of their earlier work is a treat, but here we’re focusing on their latest, NekroFvneral. This stuff is puke incarnate.


Someone apparently thought these guys were from Sweden? Lol. Either way, if you’re expecting the Swedish, weird death metal bent, it’s not here. By contrast, these beastmen utilize deep, addictive drugs of riffs that thicken the blood into clots. There’s a surprising depth to the sound that just makes you “go crazy,” as a friend of mine said who never listens to this stuff but did when I wanted him to belt out some more reps at the gym. Let’s just say that went very well. This will make an inhuman monster out of anyone. Puke, imbibe, repuke, repeat.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Vomitheist – NekroFvneral
Transcending Obscurity Records
Cover Art: Aesthetisk Art
4.5 / 5