Cement Tea – Funny Music For The Prettiest Faces Out There (Hardcore Anime Industrial)


I was digging back through some old industrial (yeah, EDM, EBM, whatever you want to call it) CDs that were the jam back in the 1990s, tossed them in the car to recall memories I shouldn’t remember, and I realized, hey, I haven’t gotten any industrial promos in months! So I dug around. Most of what I pulled from the soil was peat at best, but then I came across this skeleton right here holy shit lol. Talk about bright, white bones among black earth. Cement Tea is the shit.


Or, at least Funny Music For The Prettiest Faces Out There is. Like most of these DIY underground electronic acts, Cement Tea has an extensive discography, but little of it has any true value. The majority is experimenting with style and equipment, only occasionally grabbing your attention. He doesn’t seem to have really got his shit together until this one. Funny Music For The Prettiest Faces Out There is a gabber-induced, breakcore, Junji Ito nightmare. The anime girl aesthetic creates an unsettling presence with random, chaotic samples of little girls saying things you probably don’t want to understand as hideous, rapid beats, and glitched electronics drill apart your sense of morality. The listener is never quite certain where Cement Tea is going, but once you’re there it’s pretty clear you’ve been ruined. With the way he’s putting things together, this one shows great promise for future work. More of a thematic connection between tracks would be a boon, but in consideration of everything that came before it, Funny Music For The Prettiest Faces Out There is a big step in a proper direction.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Cement Tea – Funny Music For The Prettiest Faces Out There
Electromagnetic Compact Discs
Cover Art: Ahoge-tan’s Diary
4.2 / 5