Systemik Viølence – Negative Mangel Attitude (Sharper Image Blackened Punk)


Ahhhh, it’s Systemik Viølence! I’ve been following these clowns for some time now, after they made some nasty waves in 2016 with Fuck as Punk, a tirade taking aim at pretty much everything that turned punk into an industry. Of course, old-school punk’s whole mantra was a stab at the mainstream, but once it itself became mainstream, that was a bit of a problem. Systemik Viølence have always aimed to, direct quote, “bring back threat to punk,” and it started with raw, blackened energy culminating in their 2017 full-length Satanarkist Attack. Over time, their sound has become more refined, less raw, and though evolution is key for any band, for a group of maniacs claiming they want to keep a genre violent, that could be a mistake. How does it turn out for Negative Mangel Attitude?


Systemik Viølence bring back the same approach they developed a few years ago, that being angry, blackened punk. Most of it is largely the same sound with the primary difference being it’s now way more refined, which explains how Negative Mangel Attitude was picked up by five different labels, though all still so underground you’ll run out of oxygen. The most important thing to note is that, though the sound is largely similar, the clarity makes it more vibrant and aggressive. This kind of change from absolute ripping rawness to a cleaner, more razor-sharp cut could easily spell doom for many a band, but Systemik Viølence maintain their underground status. Like the sweet cover by CVSPE, which combines that Xerox look with cultivated style, they keep it angry, evil, hated, but now in a way you’ll understand more clearly, which can only bring continual angst to the masses who won’t listen to it anyway.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Systemik Viølence – Negative Mangel Attitude
Doomed Records, raging planet, Regulator Records, Ring Leader, and RSR / Hate Ape Prod

Cover Art: CVSPE
4.4 / 5