Supplice (Retro Sci-Fi Horror FPS with Various Monstrosities)


Nothing hits better than a game made by gamers familiar with the game they’re about to make you game. And if there’s one community known for that kind of repetition, it’s the Doom modders. Put a bunch of those people together, tap into that retro 1990s FPS action, pixels and all, mix it up with some modern metal. Yeah, that would be Supplice. I got this B from publisher HYPERSTRANGE and man was I satisfied only seconds into it! When a game hits this well to the nostalgic gut you can’t expect anything better. Complaints? Lol how even? It’s a goddamn Doom mod for Christ’s sake! That’s exactly what you get!


Supplice puts you in control of a member of a terraforming group who finds themselves marooned on an alien planet where some bio-freaks or something are accidentally let loose. Honestly, the plot develops in a more organic fashion as you access computer terminals, but most people interested in these types of games just want to shoot that shit into the floor. Supplice provides just what you need in that regard. It plays exactly like it claims with fast, frenzied action, large maps, and gore after you tear apart hideous monstrosities. The modern soundtrack was a great detail, in spite of some repetition, and the ease of play is like you dropped back in front of your 32X port of Doom except you don’t regret getting that shit for Christmas. Want to relive the experience, but better? Just get Supplice already, okay?


Supplice Official Steam

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Mekworx (developer), HYPERSTRANGE (publisher)
4.6 / 5