Manhattan Zodiac ’77 (Modern Giallo Slasher Trashterpiece)


Hell has finally frozen over… The 1970s and 1980s Grindhouse era of exploitation cinema spawned a curious breed of trendy bullshit infesting streaming sites and video shelves. Blame Tarantino and Rodriguez for this, their failed gimmick inspired a phalanx of imitators who couldn’t tell you the difference between Violent Shit and Dawn of the Dead. The only uniting factor is the stone fact that all of them suck with wild abandon. Which is why Manhattan Zodiac ’77 is such a reward. This movie completely nails the look and feel of vintage Eurosleaze right down to the chubby actresses and blown out film stock. Little is known about the makers of said film, and that’s also a cause for celebration. Too many auteurs go out of their way to create a cult of personality and it’s refreshing to see someone comfortable just making movies and letting them do the talking.


As far as the plot is concerned, if you’ve seen Maniac or New York Ripper or (even better) some of the vintage Giallo of Sergio Martino or Antonio Biro, then you know the score. A serial killer with severe mommy issues slaughters random women while a browbeaten detective gives chase. This is an exercise in style above all else, so just let it wash over you and enjoy. In closing, I’d like to say that this sucker gets my full seal of approval and Manhattan Zodiac ’77 stands as proof that good quality subversive cinema can still blast forth from the underground. Right now, distribution is up in the air but rest assured that the Zodiac will be hitting these shores real soon. Happy hunting!


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Written by David, Comptroller of Your Last Scrap of Existence

Manhattan Zodiac ’77 (2021, 2023 Blu-ray)
Director: Hedwig Schreck
Distributor: Bounty Films
4.7 / 5