Grotesqueries – Vile Crematory (Atrocious Oozing Death Metal)


Now it’s time for some ooze. Some rotting carcass ooze. That stuff that leaks out of coffins after so many years and is so completely corrosive it bores a hole in the vault in which the coffin lies to finally poison everything around it. Animals in the soil, insects, your water. Just atrocious. Now let’s put that ooze in the realm of death metal and see what comes out of it. Grotesqueries grabbed my attention before, but their first release, the EP Haunted Mausoleum, left much to be desired in terms of cover art, unfortunately, so I passed, but now we get the sound and a cool rotting ooze cover, so let’s review these shits.


Man I was sure slimy after this one. Good. Grotesqueries have awesome control of their themes, with track titles such as “Corpsejuice” finding physical reality in their musical manifestation (that sounds like a track title in itself, take note guys). Vile Crematory gets it done fast and sticky; a sludgy effect is applied to the primary tones and that vocal echo, yeah, puts you right in the bottom of a putridarium as some bile rot drips over your head. Easily surviving multiple listens, putting you in a foul mood, and ruining everyone’s day, Vile Crematory is your fast-pass ride line ticket to becoming gross ooze of a mortal.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Grotesqueries – Vile Crematory
Caligari Records

Cover Art: Calvin Cushman
4.5 / 5