Blasphemous Fire – Beneath the Darkness (Blackened Occult Death Metal)


Damn this one’s got some power. Dark, bestial power. It doesn’t take long to realize it, either. I mean we got blasphemy and fire in just the band name! Jeez! Do you need more? Well, musically that’s going to be provided here as well, incinerating all your friend requests, former lovers, and family members who still dare talk to you. Previously known as “Summon,” Portugal’s Blasphemous Fire reveal their latest atrocities in this “debut” (though really it’s the same band under a different name), which surprisingly seems to have no press whatsoever yet. Nice, I’m the first, then! Join in the flaming ruin!


One would think this amount of darkened crush would light the loin flames of many a listener, but perhaps the fire was too consuming, immolating the few who dared. This would explain the scarcity of reviews. Beneath the Darkness is pure, cavernous massacre. Recorded in the bowels of some forsaken pit with much blasphemous delight, Blasphemous Fire meld different genres here under the auspices of all things black. A foreboding, smothering sense of force is the norm, with a variety of haunting riffs and disembodied solos creating a spectrally emanating sense of decay. It’s not often you find an album of this type festering with so much internal dread without losing a unique way to express it. Each track brings with it something more sinister.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Blasphemous Fire – Beneath the Darkness
Godz Ov War Productions

Cover Art: Belial NecroArts (N. Zuki)
4.7 / 5