Meurtrières – Ronde de nuit (French Medieval Heavy Metal)


Well, here’s a band name I had to copy and paste because I couldn’t write it properly! But that’s besides the most important point, which is, sigh, sorry, like, well, you know, I wasn’t entirely sure I even liked this to review it. But, hey, a real critic (ahem, me, not with like 1000 looks on Google Reviews) knows you need to experience music in different contexts to get the full presence of it. That means headphones (even shitty ones), PC speakers, car speakers, super set-ups, use it all! And here’s a great case of “well, this sounded better on that.” Ronde de nuit definitely sold me on Meurtrières enough that here I am writing about it, but there’s certainly a detail in need of development.


It’s important for me to note that I heard this band before on their first release, a S/T EP. And though, musically, Ronde de nuit is much better than that, there was still a point that needed addressed. Interestingly, I’ve seen this same point made by others, and this isn’t some argumentum ad populum business, you’ll likely feel it too. Meurtrières write heavy metal so wonderfully crafted it will conjure any medieval fantasy dungeon crawl of your dreams; this is especially true with the French style. Dig that cover. Dig those “chanson de geste” riffs. Dig that mid-1970s yet 21st century production value. I mean, yeah, general wow. However, and this is the thing, the vocals, though beautiful, are in serious need of range training. Fiona has a beautiful tone, and carry that provides the perfect backdrop (note) to the rest, but for any heavy metal, the lead needs to command it. She’s close, but without the ability to truly belt out notes and jump octaves, she’s more of an accessory than a necessity. But within a track you know what you’re getting, and it settles in nicely.


Meurtrières Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Meurtrières – Ronde de nuit
Gates of Hell Records

Cover Art: Ivan Brun
4.1 / 5