Of Darkness – Missa Tridentina (Orchestral Ambient Funeral Doom)


Pretty sure I know at least one of the guys in this band somehow, digital acquaintance level, but I can’t put my finger on it… Whatever, I’m sure if I took the time to look I’d determine this Spanish outfit has had its hands in a number of disgusting bands in some way, but let’s leave that as unimportant and focus on the task at hand, which is Of Darkness and their debut full-length drop of devastating funeral doom, hitting like one giant monody.


This is easily the most effective go at the genre I’ve heard in a long, long time. Of Darkness feel more like an orchestra than a band. The songs stretch and are given great space in which to develop. One almost feels sophisticated listening to it, like an elderly, yet robust cynic who indifferently smiles as another body is carried by to a grave, knowing they too shall once walk the same path, but accepting of it. Missa Tridentina is atmospheric, it’s ambient, it’s like a smog of grief at a repast for a wasted life. You sit, you watch those around you, you imbibe the suffering, and you enjoy every moment of it. Funeral doom often tries merely to crush by its pace and depth. Of Darkness are true to their nature, however, and take these basics to another plane of existence. They come from the black and to the black they shall return you.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Of Darkness – Missa Tridentina
Personal Records

Cover Art: Heresie Studio (Álex Tedín)
4.8 / 5