Luring – Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ (Phantasmal Atmospheric Black Metal)


Ahhhh breathe in that atmosphere. I’ve honed my tastes over the past few years and this is proof. Actually, make that a decade or longer. Fact is I receive so much stuff I’ve heard practically everything imaginable. And I’ve said it a number of times, black metal can rarely wake me up, let alone anyone else, if it’s going to do the same stuff we already heard in the 1990s. Enter Luring, a USBM outfit that recently picked up an impressive CD/LP deal with Iron Bonehead Productions after only two demos and an under-the-radar full-length. That itself speaks volumes, but if you need more proof just listen to the band itself in their latest, Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ.


Aside from having silly stage names like, lol, ‘Necroblaster,’ Luring deserves to be serious; there’s something for everyone here. You like that lo-fi, raw approach? Well it’s here! But, wait, do you also like to be able to discern your riffs like a fire in the fog? That’s here too! Would you prefer your vocals delivered with so much echo they sound phantasmal? Well, shucks, you’ll also find that here! This is honestly a perfect combination of approaches. Luring remains extremely mystical in their approach, with melodies hovering in a thick funeral candle smoke, yet there’s an absolute ease to how readily the riffs cut with surprising clarity for the production style. Since they dabble a bit in noise, that’s impressive. I’ve heard it said (well, by just one other person) they’re a rising force in American black metal, and Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ is definite proof.


Luring Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Luring – Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ
Independent, Iron Bonehead Productions

Cover Art: Bharatadanu
4.6 / 5