Flesher – Tales of Grotesque Demise (Soaky Bath Bomb Flogging Death Metal)


Ready for a lame analogy of an intro? This is like a soaky bomb in steaming water with candles to a fan of death metal. An album that relaxes for its familiarity and calms the mind of a death metal fan. “Ah, there it is, I remember it,” you say. For this phenomenon to occur one needs riffs that give a good flogging and a precise sense of tempo with just enough production clarity. Man have these guys got that shit going on. Coming off of only one demo, Flesher lays out a debut full-length sure to leave you covered with many bruises upon completion.


After a 1980s-VHS-horror-shlock intro, Flesher immediately drives into the listener with much flaying of the flesh using a clean, ripsaw-quality distortion. Not only do these guys look fucking pissed in their promo photo, they bring that kind of abuse musically with the kind of style that leads to nothing but an old school goddamn thrash pit. From its sleek cover by the legend Ed Repka to its confidently virile vocals, Tales of Grotesque Demise comes without surprises, but if it did you probably wouldn’t be able to take it. Sometimes we need things more familiar to remind us what the foundation of the genre is all about.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Flesher – Tales of Grotesque Demise
Redefining Darkness Records

Cover Art: Ed Repka
4.4 / 5