Undergang – De syv stadier af ford​æ​rv (Death Metal Sewage)


For some reason I never got into these guys until this EP. Perhaps they were too messy, their production too hollow, their approach too typical if you’ve heard gore metal style already, I really don’t know. I don’t have an excuse really, sorry. But hey, now I’m on board so that’s cool. Things picked up for them with the release of Misantropologi in 2017, but there were more discerning critics who basically said what I thought. Hey, guys, you were around for like a decade at that point and we’re 100% clear on what Undergang was about from the start so, anything new to add? That’s the typical complaint about OSDM revival. Namely, heard it. But, sir, haven’t you heard this too? Partly, yes, but party not. Perhaps you should check out De syv stadier af ford​æ​rv and see.


I saw one site, in a tongue-in-cheek kind-of way, state about this EP that Undergang is “surprising nobody.” Did you listen to their prior work? Is this building upon foundations already built so they remain standing? Yes. But, key detail, is it truly the same as what they’ve done before. No. Undergang bring that vomiting vocal approach, Danish groove, finger-rotting solos, and thick riff/bass action that will blow out a set of headphones for Christ’s sake. But, important, this is all delivered with more style, more patience, and, thank God, more production. De syv stadier af ford​æ​rv is in some ways the band’s classic form, but you’re going to find this EP far more coherent than their earlier work. You kind of get that once you realize you’ve looped through it four times and it sounds like new music (true story). For a band that rose due to what seemed to many a bizarre gathering of uneducated fans, they’ve definitely proven to this asshole underground snobkind that they have more to say.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Undergang – De syv stadier af ford​æ​rv
Dark Descent Records, Me Saco un Ojo Records

Cover Art: Phoebus A. D. Moreleón
4.3 / 5