The Case of the Golden Idol (Gruesome Deaths Point-and-Click Detective Game)


The Case of the Golden Idol is in the style of point and click adventures from the early 2000s mixed with a modern macabre flair akin to the likes of Return of the Obra Dinn. It asks you to be the detective with as little hand-holding as possible, throwing you into a world with often more than one deceased corpse and a handful of names and objects to attempt to connect the dots whodunnit style. The Case of the Golden Idol revolves around the core loop of entering a scene, clicking on as many objects as possible that may or may not be important to the events at hand, and then scrolling to other parts of the scene to repeat.


Once evidence gathering is complete, you enter what is called the “thinking stage.” During thinking, you must put your collected clues together mad-lib style to fill in the blanks and perform logic checks to see whether you were right or wrong. This is an extremely contextual game. The minutiae of what clue was found where could be the indicator of what’s really going on. The Case of the Golden Idol takes only a few minutes to understand the mechanics, but hours upon hours to truly become your best interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. If you’re looking for a puzzle game like none other, which includes hintless optional difficulties, then this point-and-click is for you.


The Case of the Golden Idol Official Steam

Written by Steve, Cleaver of Plebian Flesh

The Case of the Golden Idol
Color Gray Games (developer), Playstack (publisher)
4.2 / 5