Maggot Heart – Hunger (Primal Prophetic Post-Punk)


I’ve seen a lot of bands defined as “defying categorization,” a bit ironic, yes, but usually also more than a bit wrong. Oftentimes such phraseology is used as an attempt to sell something from the musical bargain bin. That wretched state of existence where everything you never heard of dwells and attempts to scream for meaning. Defies categorization? More like defies aspiration. How’s that for a double entendre? Berlin, Germany’s Maggot Heart, let us move on, are more than deserving of such buzzphrases. Birthed from a feral desire for identity and meaning by singer/guitarist Linnéa Olsson, the band has been compared to many, but I never liked doing that, so let’s look at their latest, Hunger, as it is and understand Maggot Heart as Maggot Heart.


Maggot Heart have let out their primal scream here. Known for their leaning into noise rock, but never past post-punk, Hunger has a dose of grime from the most notable genres of the 20th century, but with a bright, metallic delivery that elevates it above the tiresome anger of genres like grunge that never expresses itself past words or suicide. Once you think Hunger is about to go pop it snaps its own neck and gurgles out some harsh, nasty, gutter sound. Of particular note are Olsson’s vocal delivery, which can rally the pack whether singing or chattering, and the lyrics. Oh man, yeah, that part. Lyrically this is complete genius with wording of a poet whose tongue was ripped out for a serpent’s and their heart replaced by fiery coals. She’s clear on meaning and thick on symbolism, ripping out her own rib to place it in the hole left in Adam’s side. This is a must for the end of the year.


Maggot Heart Official Bandcamp

Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Maggot Heart – Hunger
Rapid Eye Records, Svart Records

Cover Photography: Victor Puigcerver
4.7 / 5