Kontusion – S/T (Raw and Mutilated Death Punk)


Whelp, I died. Another Sentient Ruin smacker. I pretty much guessed that, though, without even scoping the label. Xeroxed cover from a rotted-on-the-insides dumpster nuclear fire? Yep, musical summary right there folks, another example of my “see that cover, this sounds like that” intro. Even better, though, is how the overlapping of lines makes it blur and hurts your eyes. Now, why don’t we do that to your mind with this demo from soon-to-be-legends Kontusion? Blur those neurons, ruin your face.


Only four tracks, this S/T needs no introduction, and no conclusion. It simply is, and your entire body is ruined in the process of listening. Recorded repulsively in static with eerie keyboards, at times, and decomposed solos, Kontusion take the worst of death metal and punk, leaving scattered remains of crust and hardcore in the aftermath. At times like a cavern of unearthly roars, at others a primal eruption, this is primitive, lo-fi deconstruction at its finest. Repeat listens shall not tire or lose this effect, only destroy. So destroy yourself!


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Kontusion – S/T
Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Cover Art: Logan Nuebauten, Rio Oka , Matt Plunkett
5 / 5