Third Storm – The Locust Mantra (Blackened Melodic Thrash Death Metal Woah)


Here’s another interesting one from Sweden. I saw a bit of semi-hate concerning The Locust Mantra out there, mainly that it doesn’t “stand out,” but I’ve said it before is that always necessary? Plus, Third Storm are also much older than you’d expect so perhaps think a bit, listen harder, and see what comes out of it. Technically the band formed back in 1986 when they were teenagers, split in 1988 due to antagonism towards their exaggerated Satanic themes and the glam-oriented focus of metal in Europe at the time, and then years later decided their version of hellfire needed a comeback. This is the second full-length in that trilogy, and, let’s just say it stands out in different ways.


Third Storm’s style of metal isn’t exactly black, and it isn’t exactly death either, but I wouldn’t refer to it as blackened death metal or deathened black metal (lol, I know, still not catchy). With thrash elements from their youth, and a strongly melodic edge, The Locust Mantra reveals both an experienced approach that yet can play harder than the youngins. There’s no doubt about the old school knowledge here, but they bring to the modern era not merely the old ways infusing their sound with touches of epic dynamism that lead to a more unexpected listen. It sounds familiar, yet is it? The technical skill here is evident, and sharp, but Third Storm are still feral as hell. Since it’s currently impossible to locate their earliest material, we can only imagine what this shit sounded like upon their inception, but do we need it now? Probably not. They’re back and they’re doing it, so stfu.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Third Storm – The Locust Mantra
Chaos Records

Cover Art: Raúl González
4.5 / 5