Uranium – Pure Nuclear Death (Black Industrial)


Now here’s a damn fine contrast to the review I just posted. From gloom pop to this. So first I lament the fact I don’t get enough gloom and dark pop, and here we are with something else I don’t get a lot of, or at least usually not good, black and/or dark industrial. Uranium has been making some tremors in the noise community for his destructive waste of music, if it can be called that. I jest, because unlike most of the noise variety losers I get in promos, Uranium constructs, not merely destroys, and through his creations you’ll melt in a horrible fashion.


Pure Nuclear Death? Exactly right. Uranium’s approach may sound like a cacophony with no clear purpose to some, but if you’re familiar with anything close to noise you’ll be amazed how much he pulls out of this toxic mass of power electronics. The man practically worships Cold War-era nuclear devastation, taking the pummeling approach of early post-industrial and turning into a corroded seismic wave of musical radiation. This stuff will poison your mind and melt flesh and bone. Low, agonized moaning roars sound like a death growl from a fallout victim, and it only gets more horrifying the deeper you listen.


Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Uranium – Pure Nuclear Death
Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Cover Photography: AA, MA
4.5 / 5