Vanishing Kids – Miracle of Death (Psychedelic Gloom Metal)


I always wanted to be a melty-faced teen and now that dream is realized even though I’m in my 40s. Vanishing Kids are like one of those “sleeper hits,” but a band, and the major difference being that their latest, Miracle of Death, is absolutely not unpromising upon release. I mean, like, shit, okay so that didn’t start out well. Listen, what I’m saying is you’re going to cry with makeup all down your face after this one, alright? What do you want out of me?!


There’s an affluence of expression here in Miracle of Death. You know that’s usually the case when any particular genre, let alone maybe like ten or more, are insufficient to describe a band. Vanishing Kids combine patient psychedelia with gloom, dreaminess, and occasional, slinking dread. At times they’re calm to simply rawk and show their skills sensibly, like old style, at others they dip into Goth depression and the keyboards commit suicide with the vocals haunting the ears. The production is superb; it’s emotionally full, and sonically eerie. This is one not just to sample, but to fully imbibe.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Vanishing Kids – Miracle of Death
Aural Music

Cover Photography: Marco Rea
4.6 / 5