Seraphic Entombment – Sickness Particles Gleam (Pre-Cambrian Fetid Death Doom)


Angry angry angry! You guys are sure angry! But, hey, you’d be this angry if you dripped off the walls of a sewer like Seraphic Entombment did. That ooze sticking in the mortar poured probably before time itself? That’s Seraphic Entombment. The misshapen pre-Cambrian artefacts of life that crawled from the seas and died in a mass extinction within the murk? That’s Seraphic Entombment! They’re here for revenge! Oh shit!


You ever wake up writhing from your bed stuck with cold sweat and smothered by nightmares? Well, then, hey, relive that fantasy with Sickness Particles Gleam! Coming from the incestuous backwaters of Alabama, this quartet shames their own state far past all the memes. This is no longer a joke, folks, that state is fucked the hell up. Seraphic Entombment will prove it to you! Only five tracks, but with lots of length, Sickness Particles Gleam is a bizarre miasma of fetid puke riffs, cavern freak vocals, and otherwise every bit of disgust you seek to avoid in life.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Seraphic Entombment – Sickness Particles Gleam
Everlasting Spew Records

Cover Photography: Karmazid (Patrick Zöller)
4.5 / 5