The Answer Lies in the Black Void – Thou Shalt (Hypnagogic Doom Metal)


Now there’s a mouthful of a band name! And Thou Shalt is a mouthful of an album. Atmospheric types of doom seem to take one of two primary approaches; either they crush with overwhelming chaos or, as in the case of The Answer Lies in the Black Void, they crush with dreamstates. That particular approach is more difficult, because it relies on softer, more sullen sound structures, which can have a tendency to develop in ways that to the trained ear sound naïve and superficial, speaking of the emotional quality in particular. Plus, get too cinematic and things can also fall into ruin. There’s quite a special something to walk that line, and this power team does it. Wow.


Surprise surprise, or maybe not, The Answer Lies in the Black Void are not as convoluted as their name. Thou Shalt works carefully through its emotional landscapes, never becoming insipid or overwrought, and one of the primary reasons for this are the vocals, which absolutely elevate everything else. Delicate, yet confident, Martina floats dolefully over the music, lifting the veil between night and day and lulling the listener into a state of hypnagogic serenity. I wish I didn’t need to be so wordy, but Thou Shalt kind of demands it. If only I was as effective with my words as they were musically, this review would feel meaningful. Lol, fuck, just listen to it.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

The Answer Lies in the Black Void – Thou Shalt
Roadburn Records

Cover Art: Hydrauliks
4.7 / 5