Blasphemous II (Sins are Good and Evil is the Way to Win Metroidvania)


Blasphemous II is fantastic. If you loved the first one, the sequel is everything that was but better. A cool weapon? Now there’s (at least) three to choose from. Amazing bosses? Blasphemous II introduces even more incredible designs. New mechanics that allow you to backtrack through old places unlocking secrets? Dozens more are here. In every way it improves upon its predecessor and is one of the best platformers/metroidvania games I’ve played all year.


Blasphemous II revels in its pixelated, gritty style. It would be unfair to call it pixelated, though, because while it leans on that approach, nothing looks quite like it. Whether it’s the unmistakably gory enemies, the Gothic architecture in the background, or the flashes of sparks and magic, Blasphemous II truly stands apart from the rest. With exploration at its heart, each new area, enemy, and boss is an absolute sinful delight to discover. If you enjoyed the previous title, or any metroidvania style game, this is an absolute must. Just be warned, Blasphemous II is hard. Maybe even unfair at times, but all the more enjoyable for it.


Blasphemous II Official Steam

Written by Steve, Cleaver of Plebian Flesh

Blasphemous II
The Game Kitchen (developer), Team17 Digital Ltd. (publisher)
4.9 / 5