Invultation – Feral Legion (Werewolf Metal)


You know, I’ve seen the werewolf theme used quite a bit in metal, in a variety of genres too. Sometimes it’s cheese, sometimes it’s sleaze, mostly, just please. Rarely does it offer a band a chance at greatness, it’s kind of too golden age to work as I’ve seen it mainly presented, but, well, let me eat my words as I discuss Invultation and his latest wolfpack call of an album, Feral Legion. Bare and gnash those teeth, folks, because you’re about to be infected with lycanthropy.


Consisting of a single musician, who is probably actually a werewolf, Invultation brings that howling beast of metal fury and kills it. Just listen to the density of those vocals! And the rest? Phew, totally nasty, the sound of this one gnaws flesh from muscle, then muscle from bone, sucks out the marrow, and then chews the remainder to dust. Completely brutish, Feral Legion is a call to the loan wolf waiting in us all and makes werewolves cool again. Technically complex at times, yet surprisingly clean for war metal, you’re going to legit howl at the moon to this shit and sprout hair in awesome places.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Invultation – Feral Legion
Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Cover Art: NetherTemple Design (Alexander Shadrin aka Morkh)
5 / 5