Miserable Abyss – Subaquatic Corporeal Rot (Blackened Experimental Dungeon Synth)


It takes a lot to scare me. In fact, at times, I’m pretty sure I can’t be scared anymore. Then I came across this extremely obscure release by Lisbon’s Miserable Abyss and it scared the shit out of me. I’m actually scared of this. What subhuman soil creature made this? What kind of depraved mind constructed such dark atmospheres? What genius struck with every mental illness known to humankind gave birth from their mind womb such horrors? Are they a living thing? Probably not, and you’ll feel it too when you listen to Subaquatic Corporeal Rot.


Consisting of underground legend Wound (from Flesh Cairn and Hours of Worship), Miserable Abyss weaves together elements from both of those projects. To be short, this entails dark synthwave, dungeon synth (these first two to a minor degree), post-Goth, ambient black metal, and practically everything else in those avenues that two people listen to because it’s so damn dismal. Each track brings with it a further chapter in a dark tale. You can hear the riffs as they breathe their last, suddenly swallowed by walls of echoing noise and keyboards, smothering the ghostly vocals that are content with haunting the backgrounds and avoiding jump scares for pure dread; at times they’re a death rasp lower than the deepest of pits, at others they float in a mist. It’s like soundtrack to an art horror film you actually regret watching, for the right reasons. Ever have that happen? Something so foul you’re pretty sure you’d lose another part of your soul if you consumed it again? That’s exactly what this is, musically speaking.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Miserable Abyss – Subaquatic Corporeal Rot
Bent Window Records

Cover Art: Wound
4.8 / 5