Tetragrammacide – Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur’an (Esoteric Blackened Noise Metal)


I knew these guys would come of age eventually, much like a sad review I wrote about an album drop they did in 2015 (the last EP before this latest full-length, actually). I can’t even believe I’m the same person, so pathetic are the words. But, hey, the best things grow, right? Other than me being your proof let’s use Tetragrammacide as further evidence. They seem to have had a fairly polarized following and hate base thus far in their career, but this latest one, Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur’an, might just make all of us lovers for once. In fact, let’s just say it bends the universe completely to their will. Since you’re living within the same plane, that includes you.


Being blunt, these guys were a waste before this year. A total mess. Often noisy, for that “we do it DIY” sound, obnoxiously loud, for that “you can’t take it” sound, and chaotic, for that “you just don’t get it” sound. Altogether that meant it was garbage. But now, finally, Tetragrammacide have found their footing and their toes have gripped into stone. So what made it finally work? Thematically I love the evil Indian themes, just awesome there, but Tetragrammacide always had that. Now, however, they’ve crafted their nihilistic assault with higher production and purpose. The riffs scream with clarity, yet the lawlessness they’ve been known for remains, and its world-devouring. When they hit a grind with speed the churning, rumbling tones of the guitars are absolutely cosmic, mottled with frantic solos like dying stars in an endless night. Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur’an is their true beginning, so get on the right side.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Tetragrammacide – Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur’an
Iron Bonehead Productions

Cover Art: Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule
4.6 / 5