Goatkraft – Prophet of Eternal Damnation (Exorcistic Bestial Black Metal)


Now, before you get mad at me, let me explain. Normally, a plain old skull on a cover with a simplistic background is a sure pass for me. So what about this one? Firstly, scope it, it’s different. The empty, black space makes it more oppressive, and it’s not just any skull, it’s a demon skull, and it looks primitive as shit. Goatkraft most definitely killed this demon, thus the cover. And from the sound of Prophet of Eternal Damnation you can just hear it. This is the demon screaming to be exorcised out on purpose because it can’t take it anymore. So perform your own exorcisms with this one.


Some have called Goatkraft primitive, others have also called them primitive. They’re practically monochromatic in their approach, but it’s such a mashed together wall of bestial, demon-slaying rage it’s impossible not to love it. Why do people criticize this type of metal? It’s clear about itself from the outset! The vocals, further, carry a furious range of tones from static rasps to distorted churning, which is what really leads the majority of the sound on Prophet of Eternal Damnation. Add some dissonant church bells, and other eerie niceties, and you’re ready to kill a demon instead of worship them because Satan is boring. It’s supposed to sound like this and you’re supposed to like it so shut up already.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Goatkraft – Prophet of Eternal Damnation
Iron Bonehead Productions

Cover Art: Band
4.5 / 5