Vastum – Inward to Gethsemane (Shameful Death Metal Eroticism)


For some bizarre reason it took me some time to get into this one, but don’t let that fool you, it’s an absolute ripper. I’ll blame the weather or something, because clearly my mind just wasn’t ready for it. Again, strange, because I find a certain site rating this much lower than would I, but, well, they’re always stupid over there and I swear grade super low to seem like they’re smarter than they are. Want someone who’s actually intelligent? You won’t find that here, either, but at least I admit it, and I’m willing to stake my stupidity on the fact that Inward to Gethsemane is actually more awesome than some have said.


I will agree that points feel slightly confused, and it sounds way better on a system than through headphones, this ignores the strong writing skills of Vastum through the total listen. Simply put, they pushed themselves to the limit with Inward to Gethsemane. The riff delivery is intense, practically insane at times; it has an anguished, guilt-ridden sound like years of abuse that turned a good heart into a terrible human being. The title itself is a strong indication of this direction, taking am obvious religious cue and philosophizing it within the listener because, hey, if you’re spinning this kind of stuff you’re pretty corrupt most likely. Inward to Gethsemane features a number of intricate and unusual approaches, but the high point is the vocals. Often fitting the tempo and seemingly directly the riff development, the sheer variety of what you’ll hear is enough of an excuse to give it a full run; clean wailing, guttural shrieks, dual-delivery, it’s amazing for that alone.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Vastum – Inward to Gethsemane
20 Buck Spin

Cover Art: Daniel Butler
4.3 / 5