Casket Cassette – Love Letters to Ghosts (Nighttime High School Basketball Court Cold Wave)


I tell you what here’s another shat week for promos. I had only a single submission I wanted to review (already done before this one) and in desperation I thought “hey, been awhile since I heard some good Goth licks.” Search a tag and sometimes you come upon gold, this time under the moniker of Casket Cassette. For all of you who wandered the basketball quarts at night in your silly little trad Goth attire wonderful why you suck at hitting a 3, or any shot, this one’s for you. All of you. Don’t worry about being sporty, be detached, be melancholy.


I think I just entered a new form of sullen dream state with Love Letters to Ghosts. Remembering the days I was rejected by my peers for my lack of court knowledge or tag football bravado, I sank into music and comic books. Casket Cassette presses all the right buttons slowly, emotionally, and holds them down, almost indefinitely. The themes, the aesthetic, the cold and detached electronic sound, the chest vocals where his dying heart echoes in the ribs, just awesome. The main musical patterns are electronic raindrops running down the listener; they’re antiquated, yet clearly connected to the modern vein of cold wave as they drizzle over the skin while flashes of cigarettes nearly burnt out emanate like red dwarves on dark playgrounds. Remember those days? Did they ever go away for you? Born into a lack of physicality, probably not. Just give in and keep it sad.


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Written by Stanley, Devourer of Souls

Casket Cassette – Love Letters to Ghosts

Cover Art: Band
4.8 / 5