Alan Wake II (A Novella on Survival Horror)


2023 has been an outstanding year for video games, and no game is better evidence than Alan Wake II. Remedy Entertainment’s latest outing sees the titular character back in action in the world of Bright Falls, with better puzzles, mysteries, and characters (old and returning) to stave off the darkness. Alan Wake II is a survival horror through and through with the traditional inventory management for health packs and ammo. It has the light mechanic from the first game where you have to break enemies’ armor by blasting them with a highly concentrated flashlight. Classic.


But that’s where all similarities stop in comparison to classics like Resident Evil, and the game starts to merge into its own brand of survival horror. It brings Remedy’s absolutely mind boggling mechanics that truly innovate. The creative use of the “mind palace” implemented into a pseudo-status page, the bizarre light mechanics, and the swapping of live action cinematography for animation makes Alan Wake II an absolute delight to playthrough. I cannot recommend this enough, if you are reading reviews on Deaf Sparrow, then I’ll bet there’s something about Alan Wake II that will both delight and surprise you!


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Written by Steve, Cleaver of Plebian Flesh

Alan Wake II
Remedy Entertainment (developer) and Epic Games Publishing (publisher)
5 / 5